Book: Leaving the Saints by Martha Beck
Recommended: Yes.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The library had it for nearly a year before I decided I’d read it, and I’m immensely glad I did. The writing is very, very good; so many books are strong in content but not in writing ability, but this one had both.

It’s a memoir, sort of. The book centers on the author’s repression and eventual recovery of childhood abuse, which doesn’t sound like pleasant reading (and at times is very unpleasant), but what she discovers and how she writes about it is very profound.

She grew up in the Mormon church and, as the title implies, eventually leaves the church, her past, and essentially her family. It’s a sad book on many levels, but the sadness is well-balanced with bits of joy and beauty and discovery that I felt outweighed the dark parts.

I’m glad I read it. I’d even read it again someday.

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