I left home a few minutes early today. Because of this I stopped to get gas. Because of this I was stopped by a train. Because of this I got stuck at the end of a large group of cars. Because of this I turned east early and took a slightly different way to work. Because of this I was behind the car that hit the kitten that came out of nowhere.

I can still see the whole thing very freshly in my mind. He was orange. My only comfort was that he was left in the middle of the lane so the cars went over him instead of driving over him. And that when I went back to see if he was ok, he looked very peaceful. If he was a stray–which I assume he was, since he darted out from below the High Five mess–he may have been saved from a long, hard life on the streets.


It is one thing to see death.

It is quite another to witness it.

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