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my Good Friday

April 11th, 2008

my friends came into town and it was great.

we went to grapevine and checked out the botanic gardens. found this creepiness:

then to downtown to meet up with jamine’s boyfriend:

group shot:

jamine’s other boyfriend; she’s so indecisive when it comes to her men:

i think he’s hotter. hard to say though.

we went wine tasting and wrote our names on the wall (can you find us?):

on the porch with our new wines:

can’t have wine without cheese huh (GET IT? GET IT???)

a beautiful day needs beautiful gelato:

the rest are here

marchy march

April 4th, 2008

march 8: wedding

march 9: engagements

march 10 & 11: none available. recovering from weekend.

march 12: macro is harder than it looks

march 13: tasty dinner

march 14: the moon in the backyard

march 15: we had 3 engagement sessions.

march 16: engagements

march 17: in the cabinet

march 18: none. it rained all day and i worked all day. the end.

march 19: engagements

march 20: tulips outside the library

march 21: ice cream that tastes like cake batter…what more could you ever need