I REALLY want the flu. It is so cute:


Today we took the bus downtown and went to the Space Needle:

My sister moved to the area recently so we got to hang out with her crazy self:

Me and the L:


Space Needle from the ground:

Lera Needle from the ground:

Space Needle and the Lera:

An artsy bench:

Aren’t we awesome…

Teacher Crispy:

I wish I had hair like this…

The EMP designed by Gehry:

We got to ride a monorail!!!!

Pike Place Market is visually awesome AND I got orange creamsicle tea!

holy yummness batman…

this is where they throw the fish, which we witnessed but did not capture on “film”

we came across this randomly:

Tomorrow we visit Tacoma! Zoo! Aquarium! GLASS MUSEUM! Pizza!!!! Screw you texas, I’m not coming back!!!

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