This is a variant of a recipe Darek learned in his cooking class. The recipe was for “Cream of vegetable puree soup” and you basically add whatever veggie you want, and anything else that sounds good. So we added broccoli and cheese to make a broccoli cheese soup.

Getting the onion and broccoli ready:

We learned about scallops:

So, the only cheese we had on hand was leftover fondue cheese….

It got a little better…

Then it all went in the blender for pureeing:

And then went in the bowl:

It was a good jumping off point, but we’ll definitely make some changes in the future. For one, we’ll have actual cheese. Also, we’ll save a few small pieces of broccoli to put in the soup so there are a few chunks. And we think it would be good to sprinkle some shredded cheese on top just before serving.

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