Another magazine recipe. I’m really, really trying to like more vegetables and use them a lot more when we cook. I don’t really care for zucchini, but in certain forms they are starting to grow on me. I think they look pretty neat, anyway.

The zucchinis got cooked in olive oil:

I just realized that this asparagus did not go in this dish. But the picture has already been uploaded, so here ya go:

The recipe called for tomato-basil pasta sauce, but I forgot to buy that, so I just added basil to regular pasta sauce:

The sauce, seasonings, and veggies come together:

Layer of cooked penne, layer of sauce mixture, repeat, cover with cheese:

in the oven:

final product:

Pretty tasty. The recipe also called for green beans, but I skipped those. I don’t like my veggies to mix. I would make this again.

Baked Penne with Zucchini

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