We tried this one because I liked the picture in the magazine. I’m a sucker for anything with bowtie pasta. I just think it looks pretty and therefore tasty.

Grilling the veggies:


Tomatoes in various stages of slicing:

Veggies cut up and mixed together:

And everything all together:

“Hey, that’s not farfalle/bowtie pasta!” you may be saying. That’s true. I can’t find whole wheat bowtie pasta and we try to only eat whole wheat pasta, so we used rotini instead (thus defeating the whole point of why I wanted to try the recipe). We also added grilled chicken to our version, which was good.

The recipe suggested adding fresh basil, mint, or dill. Unfortunately we used some of the leftover dill from our gyros and killed the flavor of this recipe. Dill is strong. It’s good in Tzatziki sauce but I wasn’t a fan of it in this.

I’d try this recipe again but definitely without the dill. I definitely don’t recommend dill. Unless you like dill. And tasting dill for hours afterward. More power to you.

Click here for the recipe. But skip the dill.

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