I really have been keeping up with my pictures of the day, at least for the most part. But it’s one thing to take a photo, and another to give it a quick edit, upload it, and make a blog post. And these past 2 months have been some of my busiest ever. But I’m going to try to catch up (eventually). I’m going to get to Hawaii pictures soon, but these are already done.

Also – still working on sizing – how does the size look on everyone’s computers? OK? Too big? Not big enough?

april 22: ok, bad start; I actually took a picture but it sucks, so I’m not sharing.

april 23: our irises after it rained (I was actually kind of proud of myself for this one…)

april 24: willow with the fisheye lens

april 25: willow with the fisheye lens the next day

april 26: my super sweet sister brought me flowers

april 27: I convinced my sister it’d be a good idea to do some of her bridal pictures in a field. I was so totally right.

april 28: a shot of the bouquet we got for her pictures. I think central market did a great job!

april 29: our tomato plant

April stats: 30 days, 27 pictures

Not bad.

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