On our second-ish day in Hawaii, I woke up from a nap to hear Darek saying “OK you get to pick – are we going on a bus tour or a horseback tour of this cool place?” After I woke up all the way we decided on Bus Tour. The place was Kualoa Ranch, a working cattle farm that happens to be the filming location of a lot of things. A LOT. Of things. Godzilla, 50 First Dates, Pearl Harbor, Jurassic Park, a bunch of other stuff, and Lost. Also it’s beautiful.

The pictures don’t do it justice:

Here’s our bus. I normally don’t do so well on public transportation, because I get sick, but if all the windows are open I can usually do ok:

Here we is:

To our left was the ranch, to our right was the ocean and stuff:

The buses that didn’t make it. HA HA.

An actual war bunker type of thing, and also a Lost filming location:

Darek in the “Lost” room:

We thought this was funny:

I don’t remember what this is:

Continuing on the bus tour:

Although most of Jurassic Park was filmed on Kauai, a few scenes were filmed here:

Hurley’s golf course and stuff:

Godzilla footprint:

Some of the cows that actually live there. Mooo.

Another Lost location:

Part of a recreation of an original Hawaiian village:

Turtle Island:

Aaaand…this is the last picture I took before I split my face open with the car door. True Story.

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