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October 17th, 2010

If you don’t know or haven’t figured out yet from previous posts, we’re big fans of Lost. Mostly Darek but me as well. He was super excited to learn that we’d be in Oahu while the series finale was being aired. What are the odds?

My big thing was the pineapple plantation, and Darek’s was definitely the Lost stuff. We spent one of our days touring some of the main filming locations.

Here’s Darek with the commentary.

One of the big LOST finds was Camp Erdman, a YMCA camp better known to LOSTies as the DHARMA barracks and New Otherton (where the Others live).  This first photo is most recognizable as the outside shot of the hospital where Juliet was operating on a young Ben (after having been shot by Sayid).  It’s also where Sawyer and the rest of those that jumped back to 1972 hung out to discuss their plans after having arrived at the DHARMA barracks.

This room served many purposes, it’s where the Others kept Kate captive, where Christian Shephard told Sun and Lapidus that they had a long journey ahead of them, and where DHARMA registered new recruits.

This mantle held many of the old DHARMA photos when Christian was talking to Sun and Lapidus.

This building served numerous purposes as well for the Others and DHARMA.

Building 22 was Ben’s house.

Random DHARMA house.  I’m an Other!

Check me out!  I’m in New Otherton!

Look at me!  I’m Ben!

Jacob tells me to do things.

Stacie is shocked as Oceanic Flight 815 breaks apart in the sky above.

The cabins were actually pretty tiny.  There weren’t any refrigerators full of DHARMA food inside.

There also weren’t that many buildings that close together.  Camera trickery!

To the beach!  This is where the LOSTies spent many days playing ping pong and figuring out how to live together (so they wouldn’t die alone).

The LOSTies beach camp. I’m here to rescue you!  Wait.  Where is everybody?

Many LOSTie conversations took place here.

From here Jack Shephard saw his deceased father standing in the water.  It’s also where they emerged heroically numerous times.

Jin!  Catch us some fish!

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The Tempest.  This is where Jack and Juliet kiss.

Hurley’s golf course.

The 1950s Others camp.

Where Sun and Jin got married.

The marina for numerous meet-ups after the survivors make it off the island and where Desmond and Charlie drove off the peer in Season 6.  I THINK it’s also where Desmond beat up Ben.

Ok, everyone.  Let’s march across the island.  Single file.  This is also near where Desmond accidentally killed Inman.

Eko chases after Michael.

Many jungle scenes were filmed at Manoa Falls.

And now it’s all over. OR IS IT?!

Actually, yes.  It is.

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