I loved checking out the coast as well. We went to La Push and saw the sea stacks and the ocean in general. I decided I like beaches when they’re gray; there’s just something very peaceful and dramatic about them.

La Rocks (with La Sea Stacks in the background):

La Moss:

I may have gotten a little carried away with this mossy area…

Look – a fork in Forks! (actually Kathleen said it was probably a spoon, which makes more sense, but I thought a fork was funnier).

I wonder how far leaves travel sometimes.

La Seaweed:

La Flowers:

La Friends (this is pretty much the summary of the entire trip):

(hi, I’m a professional photographer, and I don’t know how to get faces in focus…)

This is where we ate lunch. It was actually pretty good, considering.

So big.

I can never remember what these are called (foxglove maybe? maybe not):

I actually have more photos from La Push but I’ll save them for another day.

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