There are some photos that are hard to categorize. They mainly fall into the “hanging out” category and may or may not have been taken at the same time as others posted. So I decided to make them a group.

This is the view of the sunset from my sister Lera’s balcony in Kirkland one night:

And here’s AJ throwing Lera around:

Crispy’s mean cat, Emma (can’t  you just see the I-want-to-kill-you Look in her eyes?):

Crispy made this really good Thai chicken pizza for dinner one night. YUM:

We were waiting for Crispy to finish a phone call so I took pictures of Kathleen:

Mmmm martini bar….

From one of those super fancy cupcake stores:

There are apparently only 2 no-no’s at this swimming area, and the second one is almost funny but probably isn’t:

Baby ducks!

I almost made the news that night, because a couple of kids were throwing rocks at the baby ducks and I almost turned and threw rocks at the kids. WHAT is wrong with parents????

But I restrained myself.

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