14w5d ultrasound

February 27th, 2012

We get to have ultrasounds every two weeks to check on the babies and monitor for something called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), when one baby gets more blood flow than the other one. Every other one will be a quick check for the basics – size, heart rates, and amniotic fluid – and the other every other ones will be more detailed. Today we had the briefer one and everything looked good! Both babies had good heart rates and measured very close in size, only a few millimeters different. Amniotic fluid looked good and even.

For a “quick” scan, it took a while, which was just fine. We got to spend a lot of time watching the babies, both of them moving around a lot again. One of them poked the other one in the face. So cute.

The doctor pointed out the membrane and said it looked great. This was the first time we got confirmation that it was totally up to par, so that was comforting.

We like our maternal-fetal medicine doctor, the perinatologist. He’ll probably be doing all of our ultrasounds, and my regular ob-gyn will see me once a month so I can pee in a cup the size of a shot glass and get general check-ups. Lots of doctor’s visits in my future.

Our next appointment is the anatomy scan on March 15. We’re really looking forward to that one! We’ve gotten 4 guesses on gender now and they’ve all been the same, but we’re waiting for the next one for final verification before we tell anyone.

I’m really enjoying these visits every other week. Even though the reason is that we have more to worry about than the average pregnancy, it’s very comforting to be able to “look inside” so frequently. I guess it’s a little ironic that I continue to live my life in 2-week increments, but at least it’s in a good way now.

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