fluid update

April 10th, 2012

The babies’ fluid levels are “stable.” They’re pretty much in the same area they were last time, which is in the “okay” range. They haven’t gotten any worse, which is a really good sign. We’ll go back in one week to get them checked again and go from there.

I’ll be 21 weeks tomorrow. Every week that goes by is another week closer to the goal. Every week that something doesn’t go wrong is a success.

The doctor seemed really happy that the levels were still in the same range. She said it’s okay if they’re different, as long as they’re not too different. From my research and talking to people who have experienced TTTS, the real problems start when the levels are below 2cm and above 9cm. They took two measurements – one was 3 & 8 and the other was 4 & 7. So depending on how they measure and how the babies are hanging out, it can fluctuate a little. But either way, they’re doing ok.

I’ve been a mess this past week worrying. We’ll continue to get close monitoring and hope for the best, and I’ll try to worry a little less.

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