April, 2012 Archives

We had an ultrasound today – just a “quick scan” to check the amniotic fluid (although it took an hour). The babies each have their own supply of fluid, but because they’re in the same placenta, it’s possible for one to get more fluid than the other. Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening. Baby A has 6cm of fluid, while Baby B only has 3cm. They’re supposed to be within 2cm of each other.

The babies haven’t been affected at this point, but this means there’s a chance of either “abnormal placental share” or something called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), where one baby takes too much and the other doesn’t get enough. If it is TTTS, I would have to have laser surgery to try to help the situation. We don’t know for sure what this could mean for us, but we’re getting extra monitoring to keep an eye on it.

We go back to the doctor in a week (Monday) to get it checked again. If it’s still uneven, we’ll go to a cardiologist to have the babies’ hearts checked. As of now the babies are ok, the doctor just wants to make sure we don’t miss anything.

So that’s our update. We’ll know more next Monday and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted here.