The rate that time is flying is a little bit terrifying; I kept meaning to write a 28 week update, and now it’s 29 weeks and 2 days. I don’t know what happened.

Most of our sonograms are just to check the fluid levels and aren’t very detailed. We only get a growth check every 3-4 weeks. At our 28 week visit, we got the big growth check and full measurements, which seemed perfect because it felt like such a huge milestone to get to 28 weeks.

Both babies were moving around like crazy (no surprise there). In fact, baby A has relocated from my far right side to my left side. B moves around a lot, but has gone from middle to very right. I can now feel baby parts if I press gently on my stomach; I’m not totally sure what’s what, but I can often tell when there’s some sort of something. I see them moving parts across my stomach sometimes, which is really trippy but extremely cool.

The fluid levels were still stable and my cervix was still super long. I feel like a broken record there, but at least it’s a really good record that’s very comforting to play over and over again.

Heartrates, doppler readings, and all the growth looked good. Both babies measured 3 pounds (well, one was 3 pounds and one ounce)! They’re both in the 80th percentile, which means they’re measuring bigger than 80% of babies their size. Everyone kept commenting on how big our babies are. Giant babies! This makes us very happy, because the bigger they are when they’re born, the better, and if they do come early the extra weight will help very much.

So, at 28 weeks, I was already carrying around over 6 pounds of babies. That must be why strangers see me and say “any day now!” which makes me a little crazy, but I have to deal with the fact that people have no filters and say the dumbest things possible.

SO, to sum it up: everything’s looking great. 29 weeks and working on 30.

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