I woke up yesterday and thought “oh my gosh, 33 weeks?! I need to get ready!”

It’s bizarre.

Our last measuring appointment was 2 weeks ago, at 31 weeks. Both babies measured at 4 pounds (give or take a few ounces; it’s not exact) so 2 weeks ago I was carrying around about 8 pounds of babies. This week, 9 or maybe even close to 10. They’re so big that it’s getting hard to make anything out on the ultrasounds; it’s just a big jumble of baby parts. In past ultrasounds we’ve gotten 20 or so pictures, but for the last one we only got one, because you could barely see what was going on. They’re in the 70th percentile, so they’re big babies, especially for twins.

The fluid levels have gotten better and are evening out a bit. Baby A’s fluid has gone from over 13 to around 8, and baby B’s fluid has gone from around 4 to around 6. The doctor says he doesn’t know why the fluid levels did what they did, but the babies should be fine.

I feel and see baby parts moving around on a regular basis; sometimes I’m pretty sure I feel them doing advanced gymnastics, based on the way my stomach jumps all over the place and the way it feels. I wish I knew what was what – what was a hand or foot or elbow, etc. But they seem to be healthy, strong babies. That never sleep. They move all. the. time. They also don’t seem to like being laid on – whoever is on the bottom starts flopping and kicking around when I lay on the side they’re on. We have a little talk and I shift a little and we usually work it out, but not always.

As for me – I don’t post much about how I’m doing because I don’t want to complain and I really don’t think it’s very interesting, but people keep asking, so in case you’re interested – it’s rough. Everything hurts. My back is killing me. Sleeping is quite the challenge – I wake up constantly to switch sides because I get so sore on the side I’m laying on, especially in my hips – and I have to get up to go to the bathroom several times throughout the night. My feet ache and swell up so much they’re unrecognizable as my feet (and almost feet in general). I’m exhausted all the time; I get tired doing barely anything. Breathing is awful; sometimes I feel like I can get barely any air. I get out of breath just talking on the phone. I have carpal tunnel in my hands; some mornings I can’t even move them when I wake up, and I can’t open things like water bottles without serious pain. I have reflux, which is lovely. Getting off the couch takes a ton of effort. Everything does.

But I’m so lucky to be where I am – 33 weeks with twins and no bedrest or complications. I hesitate to write that because I don’t want to jinx myself, but I know how good I have it and I don’t want to complain about all the discomforts.

Oh! And our babies apparently have  lots of hair. Four separate people commented on how much hair they have. So lucky for the babies they got Darek’s hair and won’t be bald until kindergarten like I was.

We’ll be meeting them soon!

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