shower photos!

July 28th, 2012

My amazing sister Janaye put together the most incredible shower for us, and I was supposed to share pictures a long time ago.

I actually ended up having 3 showers, which was very unexpected but awesome, and each one was incredibly special in its own way. Unfortunately, this is the only one I have pictures from. Sad face. But at least I have photos from one instead of none.

Janaye also had a ton of help from friends and family, and the result was truly amazing. It looked like something out of a magazine (or off of Pinterest, which I guess is the current way of finding things. Crazy kids). It was super special and awesome and all those good things.

Doesn’t this look like something straight out of a magazine?

Impressive diaper cake:

I made collages of the details so I didn’t have to post a zillion individual pictures:

Desserts! The shower had a book theme since I have always loved children’s books:

The food was very impressive (and yum):

People designed pages of an alphabet book for the girls. It’s the most awesome thing ever:

With all the awesome hostesses:

Janaye, me, and 2 of my bestest friends ever:


My mom and her iphone:

My dad:

Cousin Lucy:

I had the biggest audience for gift-opening, and in stadium seating. I felt a little on display:

Opening presents. Do you know how much cuteness there is in the world?? It’s amazing.

Their first camera!

Janaye made them a bunch of headbands; this is me being very excited:

What happens when you try to arrange a group photo:

Everyone who came:

I was surprised to see someone took a picture of us. I don’t even remember this:

My family:

Darek’s family, take 1:

Darek’s family, take 2:

Worn out:

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