Since I haven’t had time to post any photos other than the monthly ones, here are their 3 month photos for anyone who hasn’t seen them on facebook. I had soooo many other ideas, but like every other year in my life for the past 6 years, all the personal things I wanted to do in the Fall took a backseat to my photography business stuff, and I ran out of time. In hindsight I should have taken on less, but who knew?

Plus, it’s dang hard to get 2 three-month old babies to cooperate for any amount of time…so I should just be thrilled with what I did get.

I lost some time too because I’d planned for tummy shots, but both girls decided it was a great day to learn how to roll over and nearly every time we put them on their tummies, they flipped immediately. So we spent a lot of time turning them over. Smart girls.


Olivia (aka “The One With More Hair”):

Olivia on the left & Norah on the right:

Norah (L) & Olivia (R):

Their first Converse:

Norah loves her fingers (side note: I think this was the last time I used my crate before I ran over it with my car….I’ve run into more things in the past 5 months than my entire driving life combined, including my teenage years…):


This is such a Norah expression:

N – L, O – R:


Norah (Olivia was being disagreeable so I didn’t get similar shots of her, booo):

There are more pics of Norah because Olivia turned into an unhappy camper very early on:

Another one of Olivia:

These were supposed to be group shots, but this time Norah wasn’t into it (it was the next day and I guess she thought one day of cooperating was enough):

Check out that lush grass! It’s what every homeowner aspires for, I know. I’ve always wondered what happened if you didn’t cut your grass for 6 months…and counting…

I cannot believe it’s time for their 6 month photos in less than a month!! Yikes! Time to start making more hats. 🙂

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