June, 2006 Archives


June 29th, 2006

Just in case anyone was wondering where the clock in the front room went…


June 27th, 2006

Another shot from Playa del Carmen. Nothing special,
but I like the light. Looks like the palm tree is on its
way up…or something.

la luna

June 26th, 2006

The first night we were in Mexico, we went down to the
beach and sat by the water. The moon was perfect. This
shot was hand-held (thus the blur). I like it. The moon
wasn’t out like this any other night of our trip.

This was at the VSB country fair. I had to shoot fast
before they dropped the animals. Chickens everywhere…

This isn’t a great picture really, it’s just peaceful to me.
It’s the sunrise on my last day in Mexico. I didn’t even see
the bird until I looked at the picture when I was home.