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One last old saved draft post (is anyone still even looking at this?). I actually have been taking photos of the day, but we’re having problems with our card reader so I’m a little stuck with that. I’ve always wanted to make cheesecake, so I was excited to find a spring form pan at Ikea. The crust was crushed-up oreos: If you’ve ever wondered what cheesecake really is, it’s just several blocks of cream cheese: Blending a few other things with the cream cheese: Before going in the oven: The best part: The finished product: Unfortunately I didn’t pre-read the instructions very carefully and didn’t allow enough refrigerator time after baking, so the consistency was very mushy. But it tasted really good – albeit super rich – as long as you didn’t get a piece of foil in your slice. I’d say for our first cheesecake attempt, it was pretty good. Recipe link for reese’s chocolate peanut butter cup cheesecake

Still have a few things to post from last year.

Some of the ingredients (artichokes, garlic, wine):

The cooking process:

The finished product:

I wrote 4 stars on this recipe. We made it so long ago I really don’t remember, but it must have been pretty good. We left out the olives; I do remember that.

Recipe: Mediterranean Chicken and Pasta

january 2 – 6

January 6th, 2010

january 2: glass of wine

january 3: sheet music

january 4: a plant i’ve had for 5 1/2 years; every day i’m amazed that it survived this many years of neglect

january 5: i actually did take a picture, but can’t post it on the internet, as it involves a wedding dress

january 6: my engagement ring; sadly, i just can’t quite get the hang of the macro lens

one of our many poinsettias against our living room wall: