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These are the last of the Mexico pictures.

We were only there for a few hours in the morning on our last “day.” It was very sad.

Saying good-bye:

Chess, anyone?

At the airport:

Sad to leave:

I didn’t put the links up with the pictures, because I just didn’t feel like taking the time, but if you want to see more pictures from our trip they’re on our flickr pages:


This is the day I turned 30.

Fortunately we were in Mexico.

Just in case:

More fruit for breakfast:

The rest of my breakfast (Darek ate most of it):

We finally went in the pool on our last day…

I swam out to the dolphins…

So did Darek. He was way excited.

Birthday swim/drowning:

In the ocean:

Darek surprised me with a massage at the spa for my birthday.

The bathroom at the spa:

The resort decorated for my birthday:

Darek at dinner:

yay. i’m 30. hooray.

2nd attempt:

And then the fires came.

Mexico Day 4

January 13th, 2009

Got up early for another walk along the beach:


This picture just sums up vacation:

We went to guacamole lessons:

This is a terrible picture of a yummy food:

Another towel animal!


Mexican Fiesta night:

Last post from Day 3, I promise.

We came back from the ruins to find swan towels in our room!!!

One day these would be green, the next day they would be red, and the day after that they’d all be eaten by birds. Crazy.

Darek looks real good with that tree growing out of the top of his head…

A game of ping-pong before dinner:

And then dinner at the French restaurant. Began with a crab-cake avocado appetizer:

Followed by an excellent French onion soup:

And some kind of fish fillet for the main course:

Darek didn’t take pictures of all his food, except for the ones with eyes…ew.


My dessert:

Darek’s dessert:

We took a taxi to visit the Mayan ruins a few miles down the beach.

I look so awesome….

Classic darek & stacie:

A little less classic, more touristy: