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march 1 – 10

April 24th, 2009

And time marches on…

march 1: hydrangea leaf

march 2: spent all day at a photography workshop and took ZERO pictures!! boo.

march 3: workshop

march 4: workshop

march 5:another day at the workshop with no pictures

march 6: cashew and “seeing” the light

march 7: can’t remember what was going on that day, but I didn’t take any pictures

march 8: cashew. again.

march 9: Guess WHO?

march 10: our oh-so-exciting shower curtain

Coming up next: Seattle/Oregon pictures!

So here’s some exciting coverage.

We spent a weekend with my parental units in Amarillo in February. It’s a pretty thrilling town, but we like to lay low and chill with the cats.

Here they are with their paws intertwined…SO CUTE!

Here’s me and my dad comparing iPhone apps. I’m showing him the All Recipes dinner spinner, and he’s showing me the “where to pee” app that tells you where all nearby restrooms are. I want to get that one next:

My parents are so cute playing with iphones next to each other (my mom has mine):

I like this picture…

hee hee…

This is my kitty cat Velcro. I’ve had him since 1992; he was born in a dryer and is like a loyal puppy dog, but much better:

He used to be a huge cat with a tiny head, but he’s slimmed down a lot in his old age.

Awwww….(at least one of us is in focus)

Velcro will be 17 years old next month. He was recently diagnosed with kidney failure, which makes me sad, but he’s had a good life, and he seems to be in good spirits (according to my mom). And I now have about a thousand pictures of him.

Oh. My. Gosh.

This recipe = Amazing.

It’s one that Darek got from his cooking class; definitely made it worth the price of the entire series, if you ask me.

We started by cutting some veggies (asparagus again, yes):

Since Darek’s class was a few days before valentine’s day, they learned how to make it in heart-shaped parchment paper. Cute…

Fish (we used red snapper but any kind works) goes on the parchment paper and is then covered with lemon juice, white wine, butter, salt, and veggies:

Not very many veggies fit in the pouch, so I contributed by cooking the leftovers in oil and season all:

The fish & toppings get wrapped up in the paper and baked in the oven for about 10 minutes, then come out and cool for a few:

Then you open up the pouch and all the yummy goodness is there waiting for you…

And it was SO GOOD. We’ve made it another time since then (this was back in February) and we used salmon, which was even more SO GOOD.


I love asparagus. I wouldn’t have touched it 2 years ago, but I’ve matured quite a bit in my food tolerance since then.

This was just cooked in butter and olive oil, then sprinkled with parmesan.

Tasty. Not the healthiest way to cook asparagus, but you could leave out the butter and have it taste pretty much just as good with less fat.

Recipe – Asparagus Parmesan