August, 2006 Archives


August 28th, 2006

It looks impressive, doesn’t it?

I wish I was there. Anywhere but here. Can’t remember the name of the lighthouse or town but it’s in Maine. It was the beginning of August and there was a nice breeze. Not suffocating heat. Such a distant memory.

studio stuff

August 17th, 2006

Another picture from the class I took. It’s a martini glass (I think) taken with studio lights and a backdrop and all that stuff.


August 16th, 2006

OK obviously I didn’t take this one, but I just thought I would post the most random group shot EVER (at least for me). I can’t tell you how uncomfortable I was (no, I don’t know these people at all)…again, from the “lighting” class I took that turned out to be a studio lighting class.


August 15th, 2006

I took this picture in the photo class I took last month. Thought it was funny. And much more interesting than any of the other shots I got.