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To keep Darek happy, we took a trip to the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston. (OK, I won’t lie, I wanted to go too.) It was pretty cool; you get a tour of the brewery, which is interesting, and then 3 samples of some of their beers. And it was all free, so even better.

Inside the brewery part:

The tasting room:

Darek is very excited about free beer:

They let you keep the glasses too, and they’re the perfect size for juice glasses. So I drink out of them most mornings. It’s probably hard to tell from the picture, but they’re about four inches tall:

I give it three thumbs up.

I was born fairly close to Boston and I love to go back to visit. I’d love to live there someday if we could afford it.

I can never remember what the name of this park is, but this is where you can ride the swan boats in the summer:

Martha is the best:

Make way for ducklings (and good luck waiting for all those kids to get out of the way…):

I’m holding on to its neck because it’s slippery and I’m giving it bunny ears because I’m a dork:

A different kind of bridge:

Boston, I miss you.