July, 2009 Archives

june 25: i was trying to do something cool with the light on the wall, then cashew sat in front of it and i decided to use him as well

june 26: we were trying out locations at a wedding rehearsal. i thought this one of darek turned out pretty good.

june 28:i took a break

june 29: at some point we broke out the chess board for the first time in years, and it sat out for awhile.

june 30: missed the last day of the month.

june stats: 30 days, 19 pictures – 7 of which were related to working. i love shooting weddings but i was glad for a break by the time july arrived.

june 9 – 24

July 29th, 2009

june 9: some gladiolas from our front yard in window light

june 10 & 11: this is where i started to skip days a lot

june 12: wedding rehearsal – the lights on the ceiling were really interesting. this is one of those shots that looked much cooler on the back of the camera

june 14: cashew enjoys the overgrown backyard

june 15: our most productive tomato plant gave us lots of tomatoes

june 16 & 17: missed

june 18: the sky was pretty cool

june 19: nothing

june 21-24: absolutely nothing. i was trying to stay on top of necessary things.

7 years

July 27th, 2009

People keep asking us if we have the “7 year itch,” which I think is weird, because aren’t they asking if we’re considering getting divorced?

Regardless, it’s been seven years. I have one of those husbands that actually helps around the house and makes my life easier and better. He wakes me up, makes me tea, washes most of the dishes, and cleans the litter box. I don’t know what more I could possibly ask for. =D Plus he does all those other typical good-husband things: cares, listens, makes me laugh, etc.

I feel very blessed.

Were we ever so young?

*photos by Shel Secunda

Darek took his last cooking class, which was, fittingly, “desserts.” He made a mean blackberry fruit sauce for us.

Blackberries & sugar in the blender:

Straining the blackberries:

The fruit sauce over ice cream:

Super good. Three thumbs up.

june 1 – 8

July 24th, 2009

So June was pretty crazy. We had 4 weddings after having 3 the month before. 7 weddings in 8 weeks means a lot of editing and general craziness. I didn’t take too many pictures that weren’t new-recipe or wedding related but I think I get props for taking any.

june 1: tomatoes & jalapeno from our garden

june 3: gladiolas through the glass on our front door

june 4: dinner

june 5: i was testing the light for a possible portrait spot at a rehearsal. wasn’t what i was hoping for but i thought it still looked neat

june 7: cherries

june 8: other tomatoes from our garden

8 days in a row! I win!!