August, 2008 Archives

My last full day in Seattle was full of too many pictures for one post, so I’m splitting them into 2. After our first trip to Pike Place (the market where they throw fish) I realized I’d only taken about 5 pictures, so we went back to take more. Here are most of them – because unlike most times I take pictures where only a few turn out good, the market is so full of colors and wildly interesting items that it’s hard to take a bad picture. So here are several.

the snippy lady at this booth told me if I bought the shirt it would last longer…um, no, see, shirts wear out…and digital pictures last as long as you want them to. jerk. also, do I look like an old tourist lady that would wear a t-shirt with a city name on it?

this guy was actually playing the guitar…

these were actually on the sidewalk as we were driving up the big hill:

the flower crispy bought, in her car:

The set is here if you’d like to see any of the pictures bigger. I don’t have the time or, more importantly, patience to put all the links in.

We went for a bike ride in Harrison. 15 miles round trip…

The pictures I took absolutely do not do the scenery justice…here is the best, the rest are no good:

After ice cream (not pictured) we hung out on the boat.

Day 6: Coeur d’Alene

I only took one picture the entire day. It’s the cliff my lens fell off last summer.

After I took that picture I was unknowingly led onto a violently floating dock and then abandoned as I lived a scene very reminiscent of a recurring nightmare I’ve had since I was 12. Not pictured.

Good-bye, Idaho. We always have such calamities together…

More of Seattle coming soon.

we drove out to the lake with the sister and her husband.

these were all taken out the window, while driving, on the freeway, through the state of Washington. with scenery like this, who needs the rest of the country?