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Crispy decided that it might be fun to eat lunch in the Space Needle. Other than feeling sick from moving while eating and riding the crazy elevator down, it was pretty awesome.

This photo was actually taken after lunch, but I’m going to post it first, so you can see how high up we were.

This is what the view looked like when we first got up to the top:

You sit on the part that spins around and the wall next to you doesn’t move. Kathleen is actually slowing moving backwards:

It was really cool to watch the fog burn off as we spun around the city:

The food was really really really yum. My mouth is watering just thinking about it…

Even the butter looked pretty:

Kathleen says “stop taking my freaking picture so I can eat my sandwich:”

People put notes on the ledge so there was always something new to read. First, stating the obvious:

Something a little more clever, I guess:

We never found out if we won or not:

Ah, everyone’s favorite city…Hawaii:

The sky getting clearer and bright blue:

Afterward we went out to the observation deck to look around Seattle. We took our photo in the reflection and suddenly everyone around us was going “that’s the coolest thing ever!” and doing the same thing. It was really weird.

Beware of the Fremont Troll. He eats people.

Auto-correct is funny:

Fun times.