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March 31st, 2007

Last night was the first time I got to be on a military base.

It was really weird. Kind of a strange mix of college campus, state park, and small town. It has a cute chapel though, and we were there for a wedding rehearsal, and will be there again today for the actual wedding.

We like to go to the rehearsals so we can learn what’s going on and find out if there is anything out of the ordinary happening. A bagpiper will lead the wedding in. They’re going to have the cordon with the raised sabres, so I’ve gotten to learn some new vocabulary. And they asked when the pictures would be ready, because the groom is going to Iraq the first week of May.

That makes me sad. Having to go to war the month after you get married? That can’t be easy.

So that’s why I may not be posting much in the next few weeks. I’ll be trying to get those done quickly, as well as the four other portrait session we’ve got coming up.

Just so you know.

More tulips

March 23rd, 2007


March 21st, 2007

I’ve been wanting to go to the “Dallas Blooms” thing at the Arboretum for as long as I’ve been in Dallas. Now that we have a membership, I finally got to go! Three weekends in a row…

back in the day

March 19th, 2007

Trying to get back on track.

My childhood best friend / college roommate / practically family was here this weekend. She looks like:

We got some “actions” recently; and I used them. If you know what this means….cool. If not…that’s ok. It’s complicated.


March 8th, 2007

It’s tax time.

I just sat down to start figuring out how to organize my income and expenses. For those of you who think I’m uber-organized-girl…I am not.
Next year I will be more careful.

It’s going to be ugly…

Boo for taxes!