June, 2009 Archives

for a couple of weeks in april, our house was absolutely full of flowers. it was awesome.

april 11: tulip

april 12: iris

april 13: missed it

april 14: another tulip

april 15: nothing

april 16: the tree we planted in the backyard a few years ago

april 17: the first tulip pictured, a week later

april 18: one of the lilies our awesome friend sarah brought to our party the night before

april 19: the lilies again

april 20: tulip stems

april 21: then all the flowers died and i went back to taking pictures of random things around the house, like the inside of my shoe

april 22: no picture

april 23: pineapple

april 1 & 2: wasn’t feeling like taking pictures for a bit

april 3: had a bridal session, but can’t post any yet for fear that someone might see them

april 4: still wasn’t in a picture mood

april 5: back to cashew pictures

april 6: fruit

april 7: here’s a really crappy picture

april 8: marketing material

april 9: had a busy day

april 10: fruit is yum

yeah, april didn’t start off so good….

march 17: day after returning from seattle, I missed my daily picture

march 18: my shoes

march 19: nothing

march 20: a flower in our yard

march 21: same flower, different angle (does anyone know if this is a gladiola or something else?)

march 22: yard work day – a “before” shot of our “garden”

march 23: a late-night cashew shot

march 24: another flower

march 25: stuff on my wall

march 26: an orange

march 27: i actually did take some pictures this day – at a rehearsal – but deleted them. whoops.

march 28: wedding

march 29: engagement session

march 30: patio door at night

march 31: another late-night scramble for a picture. can you guess what this is?

whew. finally. caught up with march.

does anyone look at blogs anymore or is it all just facebook these days?