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These are a little out of order because I’m still editing the ones from the previous day, because there are soooo many.

On the morning of our late afternoon flight, we drove out to the Cape since Darek had never been there. Unfortunately it wasn’t really enough time to do or see much, but we had a fun morning in Sandwich, and now Darek has been to Cape Cod.

Ha ha:

Thank goodness the restrooms were still in season, because after the drive, I needed them:

Remember this next time you want to abandon your geese at the Cape:

Mmmm. Seafood by the ocean…

Sadly, this was the last picture we got on our trip, and the best view of a lighthouse we could find. Stupid rich people hiding all the lighthouses…

To keep Darek happy, we took a trip to the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston. (OK, I won’t lie, I wanted to go too.) It was pretty cool; you get a tour of the brewery, which is interesting, and then 3 samples of some of their beers. And it was all free, so even better.

Inside the brewery part:

The tasting room:

Darek is very excited about free beer:

They let you keep the glasses too, and they’re the perfect size for juice glasses. So I drink out of them most mornings. It’s probably hard to tell from the picture, but they’re about four inches tall:

I give it three thumbs up.

I was born fairly close to Boston and I love to go back to visit. I’d love to live there someday if we could afford it.

I can never remember what the name of this park is, but this is where you can ride the swan boats in the summer:

Martha is the best:

Make way for ducklings (and good luck waiting for all those kids to get out of the way…):

I’m holding on to its neck because it’s slippery and I’m giving it bunny ears because I’m a dork:

A different kind of bridge:

Boston, I miss you.