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We stopped at one end of a parking lot and I practically ran to the other. I was following the light and it did not disappoint.

We drove along the Kancamagus highway in New Hampshire to check out the foliage, and made a stop to take a short hike to Sabbaday Falls. I loooove hiking; it reminds me of growing up in New England, and I miss it terribly, especially in the Fall. It warmed my heart to make this little hike on our trip, and with special friends, it was even more awesome.

We were actually a little late for the peak foliage, but we saw several gorgeous trees here and there:

Taken from the car (I was not driving):

At a scenic lookout:

The beginning of our hike:

The hike was so beautiful:

This pretty much sums up the day:

Oops; sucks to be whoever left these here:



Driving back down the mountain: