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and get a marriage license:

yeah this was last summer…I’m a little behind.

lera & aj

December 19th, 2007

I have to be up at an obscene hour for photos tomorrow.

In other news, I am desperately behind. For example:

signing paperwork at the courthouse (“aids? what?”):

uh-oh…crisis brewing:

grrr. actually I don’t know what’s going on, just thought it was a funny picture:

lera finds a typo in her vows:

into the light:

the nature of weddings…how many bridesmaids does it take…

this was fun:

flight attendant or maid of honor? you decide:

a few “serious” ones:

The Dinner

October 7th, 2007

OK, so I lied. I said I’d post rehearsal dinner pictures Thursday, but I didn’t. Fortunately, I’m sure no one really cares, so it’s all good. So here they are. We had quite the fun evening:

Yay for huckleberry cheesecake:

AJ specifically told the bartender that the girl in the yellow dress was under 21, so she shouldn’t be served wine. Janaye wasn’t very happy about being singled out, but guess who else was wearing a yellow dress? Sigh. So Janaye had a Shirley Temple and Stacie made it very clear that she was not the minor.

Really she should have been allowed wine over the sugar:

I think these are so cool:

I’m considering a career in dessert photography:

This is my cute whatever (cousin’s daughter) with my Uncle Tim:

Yellow dress girl:

Same time of day:

The picture quality went downhill fast:

Lera debates on whether to allow us to attend the wedding:

But then joins in the fun:

This is the happiest elevator crowd I’ve ever seen: (Side note: the guy in the foreground on the right is the one who saved my fisheye from the lake. He is my hero.)

AJ yells for everyone to shut up while he thinks:

Ava decides she’s had enough:

And the evening concludes with a concert by Uncle Richard. What Danley event doesn’t?

I really like this one for some reason: