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March 30th, 2008

When we were at Target today I saw an endcap with boxes and thought they were Valentine’s Day cards. “Wow,” I thought, “Valentine’s Day already?”

Then I realized they were fruit snacks.

But I was still confused about Valentine’s Day.

Several hours later, when going through the pantry candy, I just realized Easter was last week. V-Day comes before Easter.

Good Lord, where has the time gone?

march 1: flower with my new macro lens

march 2: every year i try to capture these pink flowers against the gray sky and every year i fail

march 3: dallas snow after dark

march 4: practicing the obligatory rings-on-program shot (it’s a lot harder than it looks)

march 5: ???

march 6: another snow day = hot chocolate

march 7: arboretum dweller

february 22: one last tulip picture

february 23: i’ve really gotten tired of the selective coloring thing, but i liked how this one turned out:

february 24: nothing

february 25: i just love when these flowers come out in early spring

february 26: things just started to get a little overwhelming so pictures went downhill for awhile

february 27: i bought a macro lens finally – but didn’t even get anything interesting the night i bought it

february 28 & 29: if i took pictures those days, i haven’t uploaded the cards yet. so who knows.

february 15: darek’s computer

february 16: the church we shot a wedding at in austin

february 17: on the way back from austin

february 18: i got a flower at work

february 19: darek got me the most beautiful tulips

february 20: still shooting the tulips

february 21: painting tulips with light (flashlight & tripod; lights off)

the set

Last summer a kitten showed up on my next-door neighbors’ doorstep during a rain storm. Cute, cute, cute. They kept the kitten and named her Milo. Super cute.

When I went on my mail check today, my neighbor told me that Milo was recently hit by a car in front of their house. While she and her two young kids were outside.
I asked if the person driving stopped; she told me that when the driver saw the family watching, she took off very quickly.

I try very hard not to pass judgment on other people. I really do. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. But seriously – what kind of horrible, terrible, soulless person keeps on driving when she sees small children witness her running over their cat?