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Day 3: Tacoma

July 31st, 2008

Crispy was really excited to go to the Glass Museum in Tacoma today…

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures in the museum, except for the part where we got to see them make glass:

Some wonderful person took up more than one space, but Crispy’s exceptional parking skills and short car came to the rescue:

We toured the Zoo/Aquarium combo. Meercats…


Beluga Whales smile:

Walruses are biggish:


Crispy goes for a swim:



Pictures are here. Tacoma is neat. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I REALLY want the flu. It is so cute:


Today we took the bus downtown and went to the Space Needle:

My sister moved to the area recently so we got to hang out with her crazy self:

Me and the L:


Space Needle from the ground:

Lera Needle from the ground:

Space Needle and the Lera:

An artsy bench:

Aren’t we awesome…

Teacher Crispy:

I wish I had hair like this…

The EMP designed by Gehry:

We got to ride a monorail!!!!

Pike Place Market is visually awesome AND I got orange creamsicle tea!

holy yummness batman…

this is where they throw the fish, which we witnessed but did not capture on “film”

we came across this randomly:

Tomorrow we visit Tacoma! Zoo! Aquarium! GLASS MUSEUM! Pizza!!!! Screw you texas, I’m not coming back!!!

I’m in Seattle at the moment, visiting my wonderful friend Crispy. I watched the sun rise at the airport and am a little fuzzy at the moment (and all day).

We went to the Arboretum:

Took pictures of moss…

and trees and stuff…

saw some gorgeous hydrangeas…

and these;

here we are:

Crispy waits for the bus:

bless you…

the frame eats people…



not in texas anymore…

i’m too tired to link to the pics so if you want to see them bigger/in more detail they are here.

more tomorrow (?)


July 15th, 2008

I did pretty good on my picture of the day project in June…until the 26th.

June 1: late-night last-minute shot of my ring with the macro lens

june 2: I was so excited that my calla lily actually bloomed

june 3: bridals

june 4: cats pull off a neat inverse thing

june 5: i had an interesting and surreal opportunity to photograph 12 kids and lots of vegetables for the american heart association

june 6: portraits at addison circle

june 7: cashew in the boxes

june 8: engagement pictures

june 9: we made a floor!!!

june 10: items on the counter on a tuesday night

june 11: did some headshots for the AHA…this was a joke/test (holy cheesy senior picture, batman)

june 12: i wish i went to a church that had this much natural light in the sanctuary

june 13: wedding

june 14: engagement pictures

june15: willow

June 16-25: I’m not reposting the pics from my trip since they’re already up here in previous posts. Rest of the month coming later. 25 days in a row!!! Go me.

july the 4th

July 5th, 2008

Happy July 4 from Salado, TX! Missing my family this year but at least no lenses went off the cliff!!!