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Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 24th, 2013

Better late than never, right?


We did a puzzle:

Lera & Darek set the table:

They made fancy napkin/silverware things:

Velcro wants to help!

Then we played Cranium.

Me & Darek’s piece:

This is “The Devil Wears Prada”…Obviously


Can you guess what this is?

Or this?

And Velcro gets a pedicure:

And thus Danley Christmas 08 was wrapped up.

Darek and my brother-in-law AJ decided to make everybody omelets for breakfast! With the large amount of people in the family now, this was no small undertaking.

AJ is funny:

There were all sorts of amazing ingredients:

My sister Katherine took orders for everyone (not all are pictured):


Six hours later….

Velcro would also like an omelet.

What happens when I find gummy fried eggs to put in Darek’s stocking and they go to Danley Christmas with us?

These guys just crack me up.

My family is awesome.

We spent Christmas in Amarillo this year.

I promise the Mexico pictures are coming, Crispy.

Too many cameras!!

Darek’s Christmas morning hair:

Velcro loves to torture Dad by trying to be friends:

Janaye hates Christmas.

Or just tomato vampires.

I have this picture from every family gathering.

Phase 2 will be the Egg segment of the day.