June, 2008 Archives

Today we spent a few hours in Chicago. We started with the Sears Tower.

View from the top:

Martha had too much to drink again:

Then we dodged the silver beanlet.

Can you find me?

Me and the Martha:

We had an unbelievably gorgeous day with perfect light and beautiful clouds that rolled over the buildings.

Final stop: Navy Pier.

It’s a sad world when you have to watch out for random lobster beatings:

We rode the big Ferris Wheel:

VERY important instructions written in the top right corner:

Loved the view:

I had too many favorites. Someday I hope to have a chance to actually spend more than just half a day in Chicago, I love it! My 3 trips combined equal less than a day. Sad.

Nature preserve in Gurnee, Illinois:


And then we went to see the Lipizzans!

Did you know…that baby Lipizzans are born dark brown or black?!? They turn white as they age. Neat.

They came straight for us:

Sometimes they don’t turn white, but stay dark. Then they are Magic. Or lucky…something like that.

I got a lot of butt shots:

The trainer suddenly told the horse to leap into the audience:

But then he just started flying:

Then all hell broke loose:

The punishment was severe:

Actually this is what the horse was doing from a different angle:

But no matter what, watch out for those Ripping Hazards:

Good times.




We visited the lovely High Cliff State Park on Saturday and climbed a big scary observation tower.

Looking down from the top:

This is how it felt at the top:

Katherine sees land:

Making eyeballs:


Hello from Oshkosh!

Katherine wants me to let you know that this is the neighbor’s yard, not hers.