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OK, so it’s a lame title, but…cheese…right?

I’ve been collecting (hoarding?) recipes for a long time, but never have much time to try them out. Every time we try a new recipe, it takes about 3 times as long as it should to prepare it.

So this weekend, while lounging around at my parents’ house, I decided: we’re going to try one new recipe each week.

Darek picked the first one:

Black Bean Tortilla Casserole

Hmm. Vegetarian is good, right? Good for you, good for the planet, good for the animals, good for the beans…

So I took pictures. We’ll see how this goes.

I started with the peppers. Only 1.5 pepper will be used tonight, but hey, they look cool, right?

Geez, that’s a lot of onions…at this point I made myself a drink.

Then onto the mixing. (let me just say at this point – I am not a casserole person).

Honestly, it just looks like someone threw up in the pan.

This is dinner? You’re kidding, right?


Darek stirred, while I had serious doubts.

Darek likes to be photographed helping.  He’s an excellent helper.

The casserole before it goes in the oven. It just looks like Mr. Bunny came by and pooped all over it.




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