July 15th, 2008

I did pretty good on my picture of the day project in June…until the 26th.

June 1: late-night last-minute shot of my ring with the macro lens

june 2: I was so excited that my calla lily actually bloomed

june 3: bridals

june 4: cats pull off a neat inverse thing

june 5: i had an interesting and surreal opportunity to photograph 12 kids and lots of vegetables for the american heart association

june 6: portraits at addison circle

june 7: cashew in the boxes

june 8: engagement pictures

june 9: we made a floor!!!

june 10: items on the counter on a tuesday night

june 11: did some headshots for the AHA…this was a joke/test (holy cheesy senior picture, batman)

june 12: i wish i went to a church that had this much natural light in the sanctuary

june 13: wedding

june 14: engagement pictures

june15: willow

June 16-25: I’m not reposting the pics from my trip since they’re already up here in previous posts. Rest of the month coming later. 25 days in a row!!! Go me.

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