So I totally don’t remember what this farm is called, maybe a certain friend and reader can leave the name in the comment section…?

We went at the end of the day so there wasn’t much light left, but it was nice light, and I thought the pictures turned out pretty. We ate ice cream while viewing the cows who supplied it. Kind of creepy but in a perfect world that’s probably how we would eat all our food. I liked the goats; they have such cute little inquisitive faces. Like they’re smiling at us. Except that we know they really just want some noms.

See how pretty:

What we really came for:

Darek was really upset that he couldn’t bring his horse past this point:

Aren’t they adorable? I just want to squeeze them:

Important life lessons:


The cows that supplied our ice cream:

Where we ate the ice cream:

Sheep on the wall. I just thought it was funny:

Back outside:


Me with my ice cream:

Next up: New Hampshire day!

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