good news

April 17th, 2012

Today we had a “long” sonogram – the kind where they measure everything. “Everything” as in: from the babies’ brains to my cervix.

The babies were super active this morning so they had some trouble getting all of the measurements, but in the end they got them all, and everything looks great.

Baby B’s fluid is normal. Baby A’s fluid is on the high side, but okay. The doctor said that the fluid is “really just baby pee” so we shouldn’t worry too much if they’re a little unbalanced. He said he wasn’t worried, we don’t have TTTS, everything looked great, and the fact that we’ve made it this far without problems is a good sign.

Both babies weigh exactly one pound each! They’re in the 46th & 47th percentile, which I don’t completely understand but it means they’re each the size a “regular” (singleton) baby should be at this point. It’s also wonderful that they’re the same size.

The babies kept moving around the whole time; Baby B completely changed positions during the scan, from head next to Baby A’s head to butt next to A’s head. Nice. When the tech switched over the the 3D view for a few minutes, we got to see B kick A in the head repeatedly. So sweet…

They measured my cervix, and in what I expect was an attempt to get me to laugh (ultrasounds are worrisome now) the doctor said mine was “a mile long” and “not even human.” He then said I might want to be a surrogate after this. Ha. Ha. Ha. Our doctor is a funny guy. In seriousness though, we really, really like him, and trust him completely.

So for now, everything is good! We’ll keep going in every 2 weeks for fluid checks to make sure the levels stay stable. The risks of TTTS will always be there, but to make it this far without it is a really good sign. So we’re very hopeful and positive right now.

22 weeks down, 14 to go??? 36 weeks is my goal.

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